South Coast SLT provides a high quality Speech and Language Therapy service for children and young people with a range of communication needs, including difficulties with talking, understanding language, unclear speech, and difficulties with social interaction. We accept referrals directly from parents, nursery and school staff, and other professional services.


Assessments are planned on an individual basis depending on your child's strengths, needs, and your concerns. We will work closely with the family to provide assessment in a variety of ways, that may include:

  • Informal or formal speech and language assessments
  • Observation of your child at your home or in their nursery or school
  • Detailed discussions with those who know your child best

A summary report with recommendations is provided after the initial assessment. Further summary or comprehensive reports can be provided where required.


After assessment we will have a better idea of your child's skills and needs. If it is needed, therapy interventions can be provided, and options will be discussed in order to provide the right kind of support for your child, you, and those who work with your child. This may be through:

  • Direct, one-to-one therapy activities with your child
  • Provision of strategies and activities for parents and education staff
  • Work with your child at home or in their education setting
  • Advice and guidance on how to support your child's communication needs, and where else to get help if needed


South Coast SLT will work closely with others in order to provide the support they need. This may include:

  • Parents
  • Nursery staff
  • School staff, including teachers and learning support assistants (LSAs)
  • NHS Speech and Language Therapists
  • Other NHS and independent health care professionals

This joint working may include supporting others as therapy partners (e.g. an LSA delivering therapy in between sessions with the therapist), sharing of information, joint target setting (e.g. with the NHS therapist), or onward referral.


South Coast SLT aims to be flexible around your child's needs and your family's other commitments. With this in mind and depending on availability,  assessment and therapy sessions can be provided on:

  • Weekdays
  • Weekends
  • Evenings
  • School term times
  • School holidays

Duration, number and frequency of sessions can be discussed and agreed upon following assessment.